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The Fresno D.R.I.V.E. Initiative (Developing the Region’s Inclusive and Vibrant Economy) is a 10-year investment plan to develop an inclusive, vibrant, and sustainable economy for residents in the Greater Fresno Region. The composition and scope of the DRIVE coalition is unprecedented, representing a diverse group of civic, community, and business leaders who collectively sought to answer the question,

"What would it take to fundamentally transform the Greater Fresno Region
by 2030 and create opportuniti
es for all residents

to achieve real economic mobility by fostering an economy

that is inclusive, vibrant and sustainable?"

The Fresno DRIVE coalition is advocating for $4.2 Billion of new investment over the next decade through the 14 major initiatives in the three investment areas: Economic Development, Human Capital, and Neighborhood Development. The initial DRIVE investment plan was crowd-sourced with input from a 300-person Steering Committee representing over 150 civic, business, and community organizations and is led by a 38-member Executive Committee representing education; economic, community and workforce development; business; and grassroots and community leadership.

The DRIVE Initiative is more than a plan – it is a clear and achievable roadmap to inclusive prosperity.

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A photo of a group of diverse people at a Fresno Impact Economy RLAG summit.

Race equity must be at the center of economic initiatives to achieve inclusive economic growth. DRIVE embeds race equity at the core of the work to maintain its central importance throughout the rollout and implementation of the initiatives, and to achieve growth and prosperity for marginalized black and brown communities in Fresno. Learn more about how race equity is placed at the center of DRIVE's theory of change, shared analysis, and community engagement.

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