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A photo of people meeting in a building. One man is standing and presenting.


The Central Valley Community Foundation is pleased to support the work of Fresno DRIVE.  For a full list of our staff team, please visit:

A headshot photo of Artie Padilla.

Artie Padilla

Director of
DRIVE Initiative

A headshot photo of Chelsea Chapman.

Chelsea Chapman, PhD

Senior Research Analyst

A headshot photo of Christy Patch.

Christy Patch, JD, PhD

Director of
Collective Impact

JaedenCVCF5995 1Resized_edited.jpg

Jaeden Herms

DRIVE Fellow for Facing Fresno

A headshot photo of julie Vue.

julie vue

Senior Program Officer


Karanveer Syal

Community Engagement Manager

A headshot photo of Katherine Schmarje Crockett.

Katherine Schmarje Crockett, PhD

Senior Data Manager

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