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In Program Evaluation, we evaluate how DRIVE programs are designed and implemented, and track key activities and outcomes.  We aim to collect actionable data so that initiative leads can make informed decisions, adapt, and share successes and lessons learned.  Our initiative leads know themselves and the communities they serve best, so we used a "participatory evaluation" model, partnering each initiative with a team of researchers to co-create detailed evaluation plans.


To help initiative leads collect data and implement their evaluation plans, we developed "information gathering tools."  Initiative leads use their information gathering tool, which is tailored to their program, to report on activities, outcomes, and lessons learned.  Follow-up conversations with initiative leads provide an opportunity to learn more and hear stories about the individuals our DRIVE initiatives are impacting on a daily basis.

If you'd like to learn more about the DRIVE Initiatives, click on each portfolio bucket below:


Click below to download a PDF example of our initiative-level Information Gathering Tool:

Fresno DRIVE Information Gathering Tool
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