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- DRIVE Initiative Steering Committee -


300+ individuals from 150+ organizations and institutions representing a diverse cross-section of civic, community, and business stakeholders in the Greater Fresno Region.

- DRIVE Initiative Executive Committee -

Participation as an Executive Committee member indicates a commitment to the planning process and the drafting of the DRIVE investment plan.  It does not imply endorsement of any particular initiative or strategy that may be developed in the planning process.


Erica Acevedo, Jobs for the Future
Brian Angus, Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission
Diego Arambula, Central Valley Community Foundation
Miguel Arias, City Councilmember, City of Fresno
Oliver Baines, Central Valley NMTC LLC
Elliott Balch, Central Valley Community Foundation
Keith Bergthold, Fresno Metro Ministry
Natasha Biasell, Ivy Public Relations
Heather Brown, Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission
Dr. Michele Cantwell-Copher, Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools
Eric Cederquist, Fresno Cradle to Career
Sandra Celedon, Building Healthy Communities
Pastor DJ Criner, Saint Rest Economic Development Corporation
Lee Ann Eager, Fresno County Economic Development Corporation
Tommy Esqueda, Fresno State University
Kelli Furtado, Fresno Housing Authority
Veronica Garibay, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability
Linda Gleason, Fresno Cradle to Career
Dr. Carole Goldsmith, Fresno City College
Sabina Gonzalez-Eraña, The California Endowment
Tara Lynn Gray, Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce
Ana Gutierrez, Jobs for the Future
Tracewell Hanrahan, Fresno Housing Authority
Ismael Herrera, CA Forward
Tate Hill, Access Plus Capital
Sarah Hooker, Jobs for the Future

Yen Kilday, Central Valley Community Foundation
Blake Konczal, Workforce Investment Board
Sarah Moffat, Central Valley Community Foundation
Deborah Nankivell, Fresno Business Council
Dr. Ram Nunna, Fresno State University
Will Oliver, Fresno County Economic Development Corporation
Dr. Tania Pacheco-Werner, Central Valley Health Policy Institute
Artie Padilla, Every Neighborhood Partnership
Vivian Paz, Central Valley Community Foundation
Lupe Perez, City of Fresno
Dr. Alan Pierrot, Central Valley Community Foundation
Preston Prince, Fresno Housing Authority
Joe Schilling, Urban Institute
Phoebe Seaton, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability
Laneesha Senegal, Vision View
H Spees, Office of Mayor Lee Brand, City of Fresno
Ashley Swearengin, Central Valley Community Foundation
Genelle Taylor Kumpe, San Joaquin Valley Manufacturers Alliance
Ashley Werner, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability
Sheri Wiedenhoefer, Fresno Pacific University
Pao Yang, The Fresno Center
Geri Yang-Johnson, Wells Fargo

- DRIVE Initiative Consulting & Research Team -


Brookings Institution

Central Valley Health Policy Institute at Fresno State

Jobs for the Future

McKinsey & Company

Urban Institute

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