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The DRIVE Surveys assess the constructs in the DRIVE Theory of Change -- the conditions we believe are needed to fundamentally transform our region and create an inclusive, vibrant, and sustainable economy.


Click the survey images below to download each PDF. 


Our Surveys extend beyond traditional program evaluation, because it takes more than good programs to create lasting, systems-level change.  Inclusive economic development requires intentional efforts to support racial equity, engage the community, and build authentic relationships.  Whereas DRIVE Program Evaluation gathers data on initiative-specific activities, our DRIVE Surveys are designed so we can ask all of our initiatives the same questions.  By collecting "cross-cutting" data, we can tell the collective story of DRIVE and assess how well we are implementing key conditions for systems change.


  1. Community Engagement

  2. Cultural Competence

  3. Partnerships

  4. Racial Equity

  5. Racial Equity Trainings & Activities

  6. Organizational Capacity

  7. Self Efficacy


An image of a green rectangular box with 5 initiatives in the Economic Development bucket.
An image of a yellow rectangular box with 5 initiatives in the Human Development bucket.
An image of a blue rectangular box with 4 initiatives in the Neighborhood Development bucket.

Use the DRIVE Surveys with your organization.

The DRIVE Surveys have been used by organizations across sectors to evaluate efforts to support racial equity, engage the community, and create equitable opportunity.  Please feel free to use the DRIVE Surveys with your organization! Just send us a quick email to let us know how you used the Surveys – so we can track their use – and share any suggested improvements.

How were the DRIVE Surveys developed? 

For each survey, a team of two PhD and three Masters-level researchers conducted an extensive literature review to operationalize the constructs and identify existing validated surveys.  New items were drafted when existing items were not available.  Some items were drawn from other fields (e.g., healthcare, education) and were adapted to fit the context of economic development.  Changes were recorded in Data Dictionaries.  The surveys were reviewed and revised by a second team of three PhD and one Masters level experts who assessed construct validity and revised items for clarity.  The surveys were pilot tested with the DRIVE Racial Equity Committee, comprised of racial equity experts, and 5-10 Central Valley Community Foundation staff.  We are currently pilot testing the surveys with a larger sample of DRIVE’s community organizations.  Our current surveys, labeled “DRAFTS,” will be revised based on pilot results, and will be finalized and translated into Spanish in Summer 2024.  If you need Spanish materials sooner, we can send you our unformatted documents in Spanish. 

Please share your thoughts! 

We welcome your feedback on the surveys.  Please send your comments and questions to:

Christy Patch, JD, PhD (


Calling all researchers and funders! 

We would like to conduct a study with a larger sample size to assess the DRIVE Surveys’ validity and reliability.  If you are interested in helping us with this effort, please contact us

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