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A photo of downtown Fresno on Stanislaus Street.


'Betting Big' gives a boost to local BIPOC Businesses 

Fresno DRIVE lands $300k grant from Bank of America. Here’s where it’s going.

Bank of America grant to help create paid internships 

Big check boosts internship program 

$300,000 grant issued towards Fresno community initiative

Bank of America Awards $300,000 Grant to Career Nexus, a Fresno DRIVE Initiative to Prepare Fresno County Young Adults for High-Demand Careers at Scale

New Fresno effort aims to unleash young workers, boost businesses

Fresno plan marked for $30 million in state budget

True community safety in Fresno means street vendors don't need to fear for their lives

Internship Program to Connect Workers with Local Businesses

How local philanthropy is addressing Fresno, California’s severe economic inequities

A Strategic Plan to Rebalance Power in Fresno for Inclusive and Equitable Growth

Reflecting Community Priorities in Economic Development Practices

What Inclusive Economic Recovery Can Look Like

$15 million grant will address racial equity, poverty in communities of color in Fresno

Gov. Newsom will open office in Fresno, invest $10 million in education

Newsom outlines investment plan for San Joaquin Valley

Governor Gavin Newsom Highlights Investment To Inland Communities In Keynote

Quality of life and racial equity are Inland values, too

Leading Inclusive Regional Economic Development in California

Economic summit: $4.2-billion Fresno investment plan announced

Governor Newsom highlights regional economic initiatives during keynote at the 2019 Summit

‘Rise together’ is the California Economic Summit’s theme. Fresno should embrace it, too

Fresno is the Future, Gov. Newsom’s Economic Adviser Says

Chancellor, DRIVE partners discuss economic initiative with governor

When it comes to today’s politics, think locally if you want to get something done

Valley economy to be well-deserved focus at upcoming economic summit

Fresno’s ‘tale of two cities’: Which neighborhoods receive the most government aid?

Coalition wants to reduce economic inequality. A new grant may help that effort.

Bank of America grant to benefit economic development initiative

An Inclusive, Vibrant, Sustainable Economy is the Goal

How can Fresno make its economy more inclusive and prosperous? A new effort is underway

Fresno economic plan kickoff goes heavy on race issues, light on business

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