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Developing the draft DRIVE Community Investment Plan began with a community-wide inventory of existing initiatives directly relating to DRIVE’s 10-year vision and focus on economic development, human capital, and neighborhood development. In total, 125 initiatives were reviewed, categorized, and assessed for inclusion based on their alignment, momentum and community buy-in, impact, feasibility, and diversity of impact. The assessment process, based on national best practices and coordination efforts with external experts, resulted in 25 major investment themes, which were ultimately developed into the 19 community investment initiatives summarized below. In 2020 Teacher Workforce and College Completion initiatives were combined with the Integrated K-16 initiative. Also, the Community Justice Network was introduced in the Human Capital area of focus. 



The DRIVE Theory of Change was adopted in September 2020 to align the portfolio of initiatives behind "economic growth that is based on transformed infrastructure and systems that enable historically excluded racial minority communities to prosper."

DRIVE will achieve this "north star" goal through shared analysis and understanding of racism in our community, continuous engagement of racial minority communities in DRIVE decision-making, and programmatic priorities that explicitly promote racial equity. 

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